Fading & Forever Friendships

We all have them. The people you thought would be your forever friends, and then the people who ultimately are. Growing up, I think majority of us go through a few different phases (especially  females), as we’re changing day by day. There are always some that remain through every phase, and occasionally they’ll end up being there till the end. But sometimes, they just don’t make the cut.

My biggest fault with fading friendships is that I have a hard time letting go. It’s hard for me to look at pictures and see how close I was with someone, how they seemed to flood entire seasons of my life and then our friendship went dry. With some I can see cracks in the foundation to understand why it crumbled, and others I have no idea what exactly happened.. But that’s okay.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing when some people fall through the cracks, staying in touch and keeping friendships alive with the ups and downs that life brings is hard. I recall being extremely wary of every person in my life at the start of freshman year in college. Everyone had said that the friendships you made in college would be lifelong, so I took it to heart. To be brutally honest, I can count on less than one hand the amount of people I still consider my “friend” from four years at university. And just because you’re friends with them still on Facebook means nothing- it doesn’t count to see their status update or wedding pictures. Social media does not count as keeping up a friendship.

As I’ve grown up, I prefer to have a small number of close (read: real) friends than a large group of fake ones. Cliche AF, I know. But it’s so true. When you’re in college you have a never ending friend rotation- but look back and think about all that drama. You’ve got at least one friend who always lets you down, one you have to babysit if y’all go out and party, one who can be petty and immature, etc etc. The list is literally endless. Nobody is perfect, but I’m a firm believer that who you surround yourself with says a lot about who you are as a person. So look closely at who you consider your go to’s – do they lift you up when you’re down, encourage you to live up to your potential, and make you a better person all around?

The thing about friendships is that they do come and go. It’s easy to take a friendship for granted, and it is easy to be taken for granted. And if you’re reading this and thinking about all the people who are in your life, be thankful for them now. For the ones who aren’t anymore, wish them well and move forward, knowing it all happened for a reason.



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