I would venture to say that around 75% of instagram accounts are bullshit. Technically 100% are when you think about the idea that we’re all posting a picture to glorify our own personal lives and waiting to see how many people will view/like it and therefore boost your confidence. Then again there might be like 1% (usually of the male gender) that posts random pictures with no purpose at all. That being said, my boyfriend is that 1%. He once posted a picture (terrible lighting, angle, everything) of a random bar we were at in nashville with nothing but strangers in it. Not to mention the bar was slowly emptying at this point- due to extreme ridicule this picture was eventually deleted but you catch my drift.

We’re all guilty of wanting to be liked, or wanting to post a picture that causes people to stop and think “wow they are living the life!!!” Come on, you know we all want people thinking good thoughts about us, and if you don’t jolly good for you you’re better than the rest. But we all know those few- the ones who every picture posted of themselves was probably taken more times than people actually seeing the photo. Mostly, I’m confused by this behavior. It’s true- we do judge what we don’t understand and I’ll be the first to admit when I’m judging it’s because the behavior doesn’t make sense to me.

To me, I don’t get why you’d want majority of your pictures to be just you, or why if you’re on a vacation you want to post every second you get because why aren’t you just enjoying the trip? It seems sad and empty to me- like wherever you’re at isn’t fun unless you show your followers and feel seen. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the intentions, but whatever happened to taking pictures and showing them to those you care about once you’re back from the trip?

A few years ago, a girl in Australia came forward and talked about how miserable her instagram success had made her. She was thin, beautiful, had great clothes and awesome vacations, but needing that “perfect” post had taken the joy out of her. She went through and posted real captions to all her pictures such as “I didn’t eat all day and made my little sister cry after yelling at her over and over again to get the right shot”. Now, most people might not have as extreme circumstances, but I appreciate that brutal honesty and enjoy the point she made.

We all have issues in our life, problems we don’t show to the world. But if all your pictures are posed, choreographed, taken over and over again for the right angle, are you actually enjoying life, or do you just want us to all think you are?

Relationships on Instagram take appearances to a whole new level. Have you ever met a couple who at least one of them posts (minimum) weekly pictures of them and their S.O. with some sappy quote? Only to find out in real life from them or friends of theirs that their relationship is the furthest thing from happy? Yeah, I’m willing to bet you know at least one of those people right now. “New research from Albright College found that people whose confidence is more closely tied to the strength of their romantic relationship—or those with higher levels of relationship-contingent self-esteem, in psych-speak—are more likely to use the social networking site to broadcast their happiness.”

Yes, you read that right. Don’t get me wrong, every couple has the right to post pictures of their significant other and be happy. Not trying to imply it’s negative to show you’re happy or boast about your partner, but when you’re doing it constantly, what’s the motive? Are you trying to convince everyone else how perfect your relationship is, or just yourself?

Food for thought.


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