Adulting AKA Pretending

When I was younger, I viewed adults as the epitome of “having your shit together”. Granted, I grew up in a home with both my parents still happily married and was on the higher end of middle class, so I can see how some of my ideals were shaded by this upbringing. Regardless, I assumed that by age 23 (minimum) you knew what you were doing in life and were an official “adult”.

It’s a LIE. Sure, you go off to college or simply move out of your home and you feel more mature and adult like in those moments, but don’t let it fool you. Nobody is an actual adult. To think that I thought by now I should be married and at least pregnant is absolutely ludicrous. Do you know how expensive kids are?! I can barely handle the damage I do on spontaneous online shopping sprees to my credit card to comprehend children. (Read: I am too selfish for children)

To be fair to myself, I am probably one of the most mothering/old soul/responsible people I know (in a general sense). I pay my bills on time, I put my fur child before my boyfriend in most cases, we rent a nice house that we’ve furnished well, and our fridge/pantry is always well stocked. Not to mention I cook & clean exceptionally well.

On the other side of how put together I sound, I also had to pull over and vomit repeatedly in our neighboring businesses parking lot before work last week due to my hangover. So. I am a well rounded individual.

My point is this: I am supposed to be considered an adult and yet I do things like what I mentioned above. Just as I know my mom stayed in bed one full day being hungover when we were kids (I thought it was the flu at the time), and I know countless parents/adults that have pulled similar stunts. THOSE WERE PEOPLE WE THOUGHT HAD IT TOGETHER.

It is all pretend, people. Remember that. We are all just trying to get by, not go bankrupt, and potentially make a career out of our sometimes joke of a job we pretend we love to people we hate.

Fake it till ya make it. Welcome to my blog.

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